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Permanent residence of malta for a purposeful married couple

The search for solutions to their problems led our customers to the island of Malta. It was here that they gave birth to their first child, they got the opportunity to develop their business, to enjoy clean air and a high standard of living. How they got it - read in our case today.

Our heroes

Young married couple from Ufa:

  • Ivan, 33 years old
  • Maria, 30 years old

Ivan and Maria are jointly developing the family business in a fairly rare field - the production of lighting devices for the metallurgical industry. Nevertheless, their business is already established and brings a regular income.

Both are ambitious enough and when addressing us, we have set a number of goals and objectives for our company's specialists.

Aims and Tasks

Setting up a business, the family is making plans for the future and has already decided on the priorities:

  • Living in a region with clean air and favorable environmental conditions
  • Ability to obtain quality higher education for future children
  • High level of medical care
  • Free movement around the world without visas
  • Tax optimization and business promotion

Finding a solution

We told our customers about the existence in Europe and the Caribbean of investment programs that can solve their problems.

Nationality of the Caribbean

First, we offered Ivan and Mary several programs for registration of citizenship of the Caribbean:

All of them allow you to navigate the world without obtaining visas. And the absence of many taxes, the minimum tax rates for enterprises make these countries attractive for business wealthy people who want to conduct business on the most favorable terms. The ecological situation in the Caribbean countries also corresponds to the wishes of Ivan and Maria.

However, to get a high-quality higher education with a passport, the Caribbean is problematic. The level of medicine in these countries also leaves much to be desired.

Citizenship in Europe

Clients decided to focus on European migration programs for wealthy individuals. The widest opportunities are opened by the programs for registering the citizenship of Cyprus and the citizenship of Malta. They completely solved all the tasks of Ivan and Mary, but our clients were embarrassed by the amount of investment needed to obtain these passports.

  • For Cyprus, this is a minimum of 2 million euros of investment in residential real estate. A big plus is that these investments are returnable - housing can be sold over time
  • For Malta, these are combinations of investments in the national development fund, securities and real estate. The total amount starts from 800 thousand euros, and 650 thousand of them are irrevocable

Ivan and Maria abandoned these attractive programs, as participation in them required the withdrawal of a significant portion of the capital invested in production.


Having rejected the above options, we understood what our clients need and offered them a program of permanent residence for Malta. In just 3 months you can already get the official status, which is appropriated for life. A permanent residence permit gives practically the same rights as for citizens of Malta.

To obtain permanent residence in Malta, you need:

  • Invest for 5 years in government bonds of 250 thousand euros
  • pay a one-time administrative fee of 30 thousand euros
  • buy property in Malta for the amount of 350 thousand euros (you can sell as well as securities, in 5 years) or rent a house for the amount of 10-12 thousand euros per year
  • confirm the annual income in the amount of 100 thousand euros or show the presence on the account of the amount of 500 thousand euros

This option completely suited Ivan and Maria. Malta was an ideal place for their stay. Within 4 days we collected all necessary documents, assured copies from the notary, apostilled them and submitted the entire package of documentation to the state agency Identity Malta. We work with the agency directly under a special license, so the entire registration procedure takes a minimum of time.

Benefits for our customers

  • Ecologically clean region
  • The ability to teach children in the top European universities
  • High level of medical care
  • Entry and exit from the country without restrictions
  • Visiting Schengen countries without visas
  • Low business tax rates, benefits

A pleasant moment was the news that Ivan and Maria in the near future are waiting for the first-born. The births they were going to hold already in Malta.


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