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For the first time: a rabbi is judged for circumcision

Rabbi David Goldberg, a 64-year-old native of Jerusalem who lives in Bavaria, was accused of causing bodily injuries for carrying out the circumcision ritual.

The first such case, which resulted from the ruling on the prohibition of circumcision, adopted in Germany in May this year, said the site JTA. Gol’ dberg does not understand why this decision was applied to him, because recently he did not perform circumcisions in Germany, but he was invited to Budapest, the Czech Republic and Italy. However, despite the accusation, the rabbi still claims that no court decisions will keep him from conducting the ritual. If a Jewish family appeals to him for a circumcision, he will ask permission from the Central Council of Jews in Germany, who several weeks ago allowed him to continue the moel’ s activity. A decision to ban circumcision was made after an unsuccessful operation that the Muslim child was undergoing by a doctor. The operation caused complications, the parents turned to the hospital. The court recognized the non-medical circumcision as a crime and classified it as inflicting bodily injuries. The adopted resolution provoked outrage among Muslims and Jews throughout the country. Rav Goldberg said that this is the first time since the Holocaust, and «it brings us back to those times. «The rabbi believes that the majority of Germans still suffer from anti-Semitism, and it is these feelings that prompt them to oppose the ancient religious rite: «I and my comrades will still continue to perform circumcision, but apparently we will have to do it secretly, «said Rabbi Goldberg.


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