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Knesset: urgently check the jewishness of the "russians"

This week the Knesset celebrated the Day of Jewish Identity. Within the framework of this day, the internal affairs and ecology commission discussed a specific problem: "the difficulties of proving Jews based on records in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs." As Arutz Sheva said, it was a million aliyah from the former USSR. Participants in the discussion agreed that all "Russian" immigrants should be checked for Jews - and it is best to do so "preventively" before they or their children turn to a rabbi for permission to marry. Shalom Norman, representative of the Shorashim Center , offering assistance in the search for Jewish roots, said that the proof of the Jewry of immigrants from the former USSR entailed great difficulties. All documents issued after 1989 are considered unreliable, and they can not be regarded as evidence of Jewry. The best way is to imagine a living Jewish ancestor, but over time, the older generation is getting smaller and this complicates the situation. Norman was agreed by Eliyahu Maimon, head of the department of rabbinate courts. He stated that repatriates should hurry up with the confirmation of their Jewishness, and this should be explained to "Russian" children already in secondary schools, and then in the army. Maimon suggested starting a targeted propaganda in this direction. He said that the Ministry for Religious Affairs thinks that it is best to disclose the eyes to the repatriates even earlier - right at the Ben Gurion airport, so that no one hopes that they recognize him as a Jew just because he got the right Summing up the results of this discussion, the chairman of the commission for internal affairs and ecology, MP Amnon Cohen (Shas) promised to address the office of the head of government and put the question of the soonest in the country. explaining the Jewishness of the "Russian" returnees - in order to complete these procedures in three years. Deputy Cohen sees the need to allocate special budgetary financing for this purpose - in order to open special funds for this money, which will specialize exclusively in the establishment of Jewry.


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