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New rights of air passengers: explanations

On August 16, a law came into force that obliges airlines to pay compensation to passengers in case of a change in the voyage time. the air carriers could carry the flights without incurring any financial losses - the Israeli legislation did not protect the rights of passengers in such situations. According to the new law, each passenger of the carried flight can send a letter to the airline demanding compensation for the damage caused to him and even refunding the money paid for the ticket . If the ticket was purchased through a travel agency, it is recommended to act through the same organization. In support of their claims, it is recommended to show documents showing the time of the flight (tickets with the time stamp, print-screen data on the time of flight on the airline or airport website), as well as proof of the damage (for example, tickets to another flight or train missing because of delay). If the airline does not pay compensation within the statutory period, the passenger can file a lawsuit against her in court for small claims, which can award the plaintiff compensation up to 10,000 shekels without a proof TheMarker publishes an explanation provided by the Consumer Rights Council regarding the rights of passengers on deferred and canceled flights: 1. Airlines are obliged to compensate passengers for inconvenience when delaying a flight for two hours or more. In the two-hour delay of passengers it is necessary to feed and provide drinks, offer them email or telephone. Beginning with a 3-hour delay, the passenger is given the right to take the ticket for the full cost or to demand landing on another flight. If this alternative flight is sent the next day, the airline must provide transport and lodging for the passenger.2. If the flight is delayed for 8 hours or more, the airline is obliged to provide passengers with sufficient food for the waiting time, place them in hotels for the night, provide transportation from the airport to the hotel and back, as well as access to e-mail or telephone communication. With such a delay in the flight, the passenger has the right also to cash compensation in the amount of 1,250 to 3,000 shekels, depending on the range of the flight (if the range is up to 4,500 km, the compensation amount is 2,000 shekels) .3. The passenger also has the right to take the ticket or request a new one. In the event that a new ticket is received, which allows you to reach your destination with a delay of no more than 6 hours, the amount of cash compensation is reduced by half. In case of cancellation of flights due to force majeure circumstances (for example, because of a volcanic eruption), airlines are not obliged to pay compensation - provided that they can prove force majeure. Strike of the airline or airport employees is not a force majeure. Compensation is not paid even in cases when the cancellation of the flight was notified in advance (no later than in a week) and the passenger was offered an alternative flight, which allows arriving at the destination with delay not more than two hours against the originally planned time. If the cancellation of the flight is notified in more than two weeks, the compensation is not paid regardless of the time of the alternative flight. In the event of an early departure of the flight, the rights of the passenger depend on how much in advance the airline informed him of the transfer. If you are warned for two weeks or more, the carrier does not owe you anything. But if a warning has been received in the last two weeks before the flight and the time of the flight is more than 5 hours, the passenger has the right to demand monetary compensation depending on the flight range.


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