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Preventive interrogations - in israel, as in russia

On Monday, hundreds of world media reported that on the eve of the "March of Millions" planned by the opposition, the Russian Prosecutor's Office searched the houses of a number of opposition leaders and handed the main organizers of the campaign agenda for questioning on the day of the march.

The report, which appeared on Tuesday in Haaretz, echoes the news from Russia: the police handed the agenda for interrogation to a number of Israeli social protest activists. Some of the summons was sent by mail, but many were delivered personally - the police came to their home, frightening children and relatives. The police refused to tell reporters on what grounds each of the activists was summoned for questioning, confining themselves to the general explanation that these interrogations are conducted in the framework of "preparation for the summer." "We want only one thing - the best way to prepare ourselves for the summer months and them, to find out whether they have the intention to resume demonstrations," Haaretz quoted the police explanation. Lawyer Dan Yakir, legal counsel of the Civil Rights Protection Association, said that the police are acting illegally. The law allows you to call suspects and witnesses for interrogation in criminal cases, but activists of social protests do not explain what the police are going to talk to them about. "The police authority does not include clarifying the plans of the organizers of protest actions, the right to demonstrate refers to the basic human rights," Yakir explains. "One of the important functions of the police is to protect the demonstrators and help them exercise their right. Instead, activists are summoned to talk, trying to intimidate them and creating a false impression that they are suspects. "


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